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25TH ANNUAL MEETING PROGRAM COMMITTEE The Society acknowledges and thanks the 25th Annual Meeting Program Committee for their efforts in creating this year’s program. Scott HORN, DO – Chair Rodney JONES, MD David LEVI, MD Josh RITTENBERG, MD Vinil SHAH, MD Clark C. SMITH, MD, MPH Milan P. STOJANOVIC, MD Alison STOUT, DO Scott.

M i nde r M a k e o v e r U p da te P r a ye r November was a great month for Minder Makeover. We have been blessed to take some major steps forward with the building. A lot of this push was thanks to the five couples from Roving Volunteers in Christ's Service (RVICS). The gentelmen were able to install doors we salvaged.

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sponsored for Title I schools such as Learning Tree, Family Literacy Program, Family Involvement Programs, Families and Schools Together Program (FAST), Head Start, Migrant Education Program, Title III Bilingual/ESL, and Pre-K for SA. The development of school-business partnerships that include activities for parents is encouraged.